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​Article from the Laughlin Entertainer - Nevada

John Michael Montgomery is proof there is life after labels for country music artists. Despite the fact he had a successful history as an established artist in Nashville in the ‘90’s, with more hits in his back pocket than many of his contemporaries, the musical climate changed and record deals were difficult to come by. But Montgomery didn’t fade away by any means.

He refused to let labels relegate his career to the back of the bus and power balladed on to the point that this coming year is his 25th anniversary in country music.

He attributes his longevity to his ability to choose songs that have a longer shelf life than a few weeks on the music charts as hits - selecting instead songs people can relate to, serve as inspiration, and in some cases get married to - like his monster hit…

Due to severe hoarse,inflamed,strained & fatigued vocal cords from the after effects of a sinus infection allergies and acid reflux,

The concerts in both Waco & Goliad,TX will be rescheduled for a later date.

My sincere apologies to all the fans that had planned to come out to my concert.

​Award-winning country music artist John Michael Montgomery has come a long way since his days playing in Kentucky bars and sleeping in vehicles after playing concerts.

Montgomery, whose hits include songs like “I Swear”, “I Love the Way You Love Me” and “Letters from Home”, will be playing a concert at the Performing Arts Center on Sept. 8th.

Montgomery talked about his musical legacy, reminiscing about his early days with “Life’s A Dance”.

“It’s passed by so fast. I’ve been touring, my twenty-fifth year of touring. Any singer’s aspirations, no matter what genre you’re in, you dream, while you’re listening to the radio, maybe being on there one day and getting a break and being able to cut a good song.” Montgomery said.

Montgomery and his brother, Eddie Montgomery, had to put themselves in a position to get lucky before…